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1€ for life : help us to create a natural reserve !

MakiGo is launching a major and citizen project : 1€ for life, no more no less !

Are you tired of seeing trees being slaughtered, wild animals from our countryside hunted and pulled for recreation ? Forests get shaved to expand industrial or residential areas, intensive farming encroachment on wild parcels ?

You can often feel isolated, helpless from all this recurring destruction of biodiversity. We want a better, wilder future, with more coexistence, we can hardly do it on our own... So let's do it together !

1€ pour la vie

We want and will BUY forest, parcel, IN FRANCE then leave our land without any human intervention, no more farming, no more hunting, no more concrete, etc...

For this, we need everyone, each and everyone, we have the power to return earth to the wild world.

Les terres coûtent cher, l’association n’a pour l’instant pas les moyens financiers d’acheter plusieurs hectares, mais ensemble on peut le faire et très rapidement !

Si on met toutes et tous, 1€ dans le pot commun, que l’on fait ensuite tourner à son voisin, sa sœur, son collègue, sa femme, ainsi de suite le pot et surtout la force d’une petite action individuelle peut vite nous surprendre.

Lands are expensive. The association currently does not have the financial means to buy several hectares, but together we can do it and very quickly !

If we all put 1€ in the common pot, then we turn our neighbor, brother, sister, colleague, wife and so on. The strength of a small individual action can quickly surprise us.

The principle is simple, we put a euro in the pot and we share it by mail, call, message, publication : « I put my euro, now it's your turn ! »

Every euro is a vote, for one world or another.

To make a donation, check our page !

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