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Our annual membership now costs only 10 euros !

Good news : our annual membership has now been reduced from 40€ to 10€ !!

But why ? Do you know the environmental legal approval ? We have already talked about it briefly. It is a legal recognition that gives the association the right to defend the living before the courts. The more we are in the association, the more weight MakiGo will have to carry the voice of those who do not have one.

How could a forest or an arm of a river file a complaint for illegal woodcutting and illegal pouring out ? Impossible. Who, apart associations, does this work ? The state ? Between the race for power and greed for wealth, he doesn’t care. The decisions taken speak for themselves. In other words, no one would defend ecosystems if associations did not exist.

Such an association is a tool for people, a moral structure to make things happen, to take concrete actions where it is needed. If the living world around you deserves protection : take action. Through us by joining the association, or through many other associations that take action !

Time flies and we cannot remain inactive face to the organized destruction of living things.

To join the association and become an active member, check the dedicated page on our website or directly the Hello Asso page.

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